Document Shredding in Manchester

Document Shredding in ManchesterUse our facilities for document shredding in Manchester and ensure that you protect your privacy, confidentiality and safety. Doc Data provides services nationwide for confidential document shredding and can handle all your needs when it comes to destruction of personal and important data. Identity theft, fraud and document counterfeiting are some of the crimes that could destroy your life and business, endanger your financial and personal safety and give you untold emotional stress and tension. A survey conducted in the UK in 2009 by Financial Fraud Action reveals that nearly 233 million pounds were stolen in cases of identity theft in the first six months of that year. Another survey in 2006 reports that 97% of UK residents regularly discard documents that provide private, personal information that reveals full name, telephone number, address, title, and postal code.

These and more cases show that people casually discard documents that provide information about their bank accounts, sort codes, and credit card information. This gives identity thieves a field day. In Manchester, document shredding services provided by us ensure that your private and confidential papers are completely destroyed. We use the latest high capacity shredding machines and this provides swift, efficient and cost-effective services. Few people realise that keeping your confidential data safe is your own responsibility. It is vital to the security of your business and also a legal requirement under the data protection act. You could end up with a financial crisis, legal action for having violated the act and also a loss of trust and confidence from your investors.

Document shredding in Manchester and surrounding areas includes confidential waste disposal. We have secure shredding solutions to match your needs, schedules and budget. For more information on how we can help you, contact Doc Data. We provide secure containers to store your data till we pick it up according to a mutually agreed schedule. Waste is then disposed of at our facilities and a certificate of destruction is provided. We meet all requirements of best practices according to British Standard BS EN 15713 and we are also members of various accredited associations.

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