Office Shredding Service in Salford

Office Shredding Service in SalfordDoc Data covers the nation’s need for office shredding service in Salford and beyond. Our excellent and confidential service comes to you wherever you are in the UK. The need to protect the sensitive information about your company’s clients, employees and your own company’s confidential information is more important than ever before. Identity thieves are not always caught. Sometimes they are working alongside us unsuspected by anyone. You want to protect your clients but you need to protect yourself from liability as much as possible. Doc Data has the safest process figured out and in place. We would like to meet with your company representatives to explain the benefits to you which includes responsible recycling of paper documents.

Each company has different needs and Doc Data takes those differences into account when setting up each client’s shredding service. In Salford, office shredding service benefits are universal. We place the appropriate number and type of recycling bins at your location. There is no access to the contents of the bins; just a slot to deposit documents. Once it leaves the hands of the depositor, it is inaccessible. On a schedule to be determined, our uniformed staff in well-marked trucks arrive to pick up the bins and deposit the contents into our secured and monitored trucks. The truck is monitored all the way to our recycling facility and backed to our huge shredding machine at our recycling centre. We are affiliated with Elsa Recycling.

Upon arrival at our recycling centre, our office shredding service in Salford flips a lever sending the trucks contents into the shredder with no human contact. The whole process is monitored with CCTV surveillance. The customer then receives a certificate of destruction as their proof that documents were shredded and properly recycled. Every ton of paper recycled saves 14 trees. Doc Data is a member of the road-haulage-association, British Security Industry Association, The Recycling Association and Approachable Certified. Contact Doc Data to schedule a meeting for evaluating your document shredding and recycling needs. We are at your service anywhere in the UK.

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