Document Shredding in Cheadle

Document shredding in CheadleDocument shredding in Cheadle with Doc Data is the secure method of protecting your customers sensitive documents as required by law. This is the service you would want even if it wasn’t a legal requirement because it is a cost effective way to protect your business reputation. Identity theft is an ongoing problem worldwide. However, in our high-tech society, dumpster diving exists due to need, want and curiosity. If your customers sensitive documents are mixed in with other products, you could instigate a crime of opportunity. No business wants their name splashed across the news channels as having exposed their customers to possible identity theft. Not all business fully recover from such publicity.

You could instruct employees to shred sensitive documents in an office shredding machine. In Cheadle, document shredding voluntarily may not be reliable or 100% effective. If your company stores documents for three to five years and conducts a clear out every year Doc Data can handle it for you legally, effectively and efficiently. Our high capacity shredding machines can shred in ten minutes what would take an employee 8 hours with an office shredder. We work to BS EN 15713 standards and ensure that your company complies with the Data Protection Act. Your sensitive documents are securely transported to our main shredding facility. There are trackers on the trucks so no detours or delays can occur without our knowledge.

Document shredding in Cheadle is the best way to exercise your environmental conscience. Once our trucks back up to and deposit their load into our shredder, we have produced raw material for manufactures of new paper products. Doc Data is affiliated with Elsa Recycling, the nationwide respected recycling company with over fifty years in the industry. Contact Doc Data and we will establish a document shredding collection program that fits your needs and protects your clients privacy. You will receive a Certificate of Destruction from us once your documents are shredded. You will find our services are cost effective while freeing up your own company’s resources.

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