Shredding Services in Trafford Park

Shredding Services in Trafford ParkThere are so many reasons to consider the shredding services in Trafford Park; first of all, if you deal with sensitive information, it’s a safe way to get rid of those papers and you will have peace of mind knowing that the company will take care of everything. Secondly, we are currently living in a world where information is the new currency, thus, destroying those papers is not just important, they are crucial to prevent leaks which may hurt your clients. Whether you are a bank or a law firm or a simple school, it’s absolutely important that the information of anyone involved is properly dealt with if you are going digital or have no use for those confidential information anymore.

At Doc Data, we specialise in collecting secured bins from clients based in Trafford Park; our shredding services are one of the most secure. Our confidential destruction service meets the new British Standard BS EN 15713 and we are an accredited company with ISO 9001. Furthermore, we are members of the British Security Industry Association. Once you place a call with our company, they will provide you with security bins that you can fill up with papers and once you have finished, they will collect the bins at the agreed time and location. Our staff members are always uniformed to make sure that they are easily identifiable. They will transport the bins filled with papers to our destroying facility where they will be opened only moments before the papers are placed in the industrial shredder. Once this step has been completed, we will provide you with a certificate of destruction to assure you that the papers have successfully been destroyed.

Another added benefit when you use our shredding services in Trafford Park is that the papers are recycled to be used as tissue papers and other disposable paper items. If you wish to find more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact Doc Data. We will be most pleased to assist you and we are proud of the efficiency with which we carry every shredding project!

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