Confidential Document Shredding in Wirral

Confidential Document Shredding in WirralConfidential document shredding in Wirral is an important aspect of your business’ client protection. It is a legal requirement according to the data protection act which states your clients’ sensitive information must remain secure. Personal information such as identity numbers, bank account numbers and other pertinent details are a treasure trove for unscrupulous people. To avoid risk of identity theft or fraud, it is imperative to keep sensitive information secure. One effective way to ensure this happens is to hire the services of a document shredding company.

For the integrity of your business in Wirral, confidential document shredding is a service that will ensure the security of sensitive information. You likely have files of information that are no longer needed, but in the wrong hands, could cause havoc to your business and clients. We offer a secure shredding service that takes care of all your document shredding needs. Speak to us about a security survey and we will tailor a service that meets your business’ needs. With a flexible data collection, we can collect and transport your unwanted documents to our secure shredding facility. Our top of the range high capacity shredding machines can shred your documents in 10 minutes compared to an office shredder which would take a far longer period of time shed the documents. Once a survey has been completed to determine your business’ needs, we will deliver secure and locked consoles to your premises. All the documents and papers that are to be shredded are then placed into the locked consoles. We will arrange a convenient collection time and transport the consoles to our shredding facility.

Confidential document shredding in Wirral is possibly the best way to keep your clients’ sensitive information secure. Once we have collected the consoles, they are taken to our secure shredding facility where they are emptied into the shredding machines. The documents are then destroyed. Contact Doc Data today if you would like to know more about our confidential document shredding service. When your documents have been shredded, we will provide a certificate of destruction as evidence that the documents are securely shredded and destroyed.

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