Document Disposal in Rochdale

Document Disposal in RochdaleDocument disposal in Rochdale is a serious responsibility. Whatever business you are in you need to make sure that your clients details do not fall into criminal hands. It is your legal responsibility to ensure that the information rich documents in your possession do not fall into other hands. If it can be proved that you were negligent in your handling of client’s details you can be held financially liable for losses incurred.  This is something no business needs to face. Not only does this mean a financial loss for you but your client’s confidence as well.

When you have confidential client information in your possession in Rochdale, document disposal is vitally important. When you have filled your chosen container just call us and we will send one of our uniformed and security cleared collection officers to fetch your documents. The officer will present the necessary credentials before collecting the documents. They will be loaded onto a truck which has a tracking device installed and allows us to monitor all collections. The documents are then taken to our secure yard where they are loaded onto a conveyor. The conveyor takes them to our high capacity shredding machine and quickly destroys them. They are then sent to a paper mill which turns all the paper into usable paper products.

We offer the most secure method of document disposal in Rochdale. Contact Doc Data today and arrange one of our secure systems for your documents.  We offer 15 kg secure sacks, flexible wheeled security bins that can hold between 60 and 90 kg of paper and documents and a 35 cubic yard roll off lidded container. Your size of container will depend on the size of your business and the amount of paper you need to have destroyed. We issue you with a certificate of destruction to prove that you have destroyed all sensitive material in a responsible manner. Every tonne of paper that is recycled is the equivalent of 14 trees saved.

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