Need Help With Office Recycling in Altrincham?

Office Recycling in AltrinchamConsider using the services of a company that provides assistance with office recycling in Altrincham if you have a lot of waste paper taking up space in your office. By choosing to recycle your office paper, you are preventing hundreds, if not thousands of pounds of waste from entering the garbage system. Instead, this material can be collected by a professional company who will then transform it into usable paper products. Office paper is often recycled into paper cups, plates and paper. This is beneficial to the environment. It also demonstrates environmental responsibility on your part.

For businesses located in Altrincham, office recycling is offered by Doc Data. To take advantage of our services, first we will request you to complete our complimentary survey. This helps us determine the sensitivity of the documents you wish to recycle and the type and number of containers you may require. After completing the survey, we will schedule for collection of your documents based on your needs. These will be safe and secure lockers, into which you will be required to place all the documents that you want to recycle. After placing your documents into secure consoles, simply let us know and we will come and collect the containers. We will take these to our facility where they will be safely destroyed. After the procedure is completed, we will issue you a certificate of destruction. The shredded materials are then transformed into an array of paper products. Our high capacity shredding machines can handle massive amounts of paper. In just ten minutes we can shred hundreds of pounds of paper. Regardless of the amount of paper you have, we can supply the necessary bins to accommodate your requirements.

If your business produces a lot of paper waste, it could benefit from office recycling in Altrincham. Contact Doc Data for more information about our paper recycling services.  Not only will you free up space in your office, you will also have peace of mind knowing that your sensitive documents are properly destroyed.

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