Office Recycling in Wigan

Office Recycling in WiganOffice recycling in Wigan is an absolute necessity in the modern world. Technology is helping to make things much easier but for criminals it is a gift. Documents can be manipulated to show just about anything and it is sometimes almost impossible to tell the difference between an original document and a fake one. The one thing any criminal needs is some details to begin with. Your clients trust you to take care of their details and to keep them safe. Discarding any paper into the refuse is an open invitation to put together a false identification or to steal someone else’s identification. This can then be used in a number of nefarious ways.

If you do not want to be found to have accidentally leaked a client’s personal details in Wigan, office recycling needs to be taken very seriously. We offer a secure way of disposing of all the paper in your office. Place everything into the secure bags and seal them. Call our office when the bags are full and we will have a uniformed drive collect them. The bags are then taken to our secure yard and placed on a conveyor belt without being opened. They are then shredded with tons of other documents and the resulting shredded paper is turned into pulp. We issue you with a document confirming that your papers have been shredded giving you and your clients peace of mind.

Office recycling in Wigan is simple. Contact Doc Data today and arrange to have some secure bags delivered to your office. You may not realise the number of documents you routinely discard have valuable information on them. Even things like a name and address can be used to fraudulently obtain money. A normal office throws away tons of paper over a year and if the right papers fall into the wrong hands it can cause an enormous amount of trouble both for the business and the client. Think security and recycling and do the right thing

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