Confidential Waste Disposal in Manchester

Confidential Waste Disposal in ManchesterConfidential waste disposal in Manchester is an important aspect of any business. To minimise the risk of identity theft, and to keep the private details of your client protected, use the services of a professional company that offers secure shredding services. Doc Data have been providing secure and professional shredding services to their clients for many years and continue to provide an efficient and thorough service today.

For all businesses in Manchester, confidential waste disposal is a must. By law, you are obliged to ensure the safe keeping of your clients’ private information. It would be disastrous if a client’s personal information was found and used in identity theft. Not only would the client be compromised, your professional reputation would be severely damaged. It doesn’t matter if the documents are outdated and no longer in use, sensitive information needs to be securely shredded when discarded. Too many people have felt secure in throwing away unused documents in the trash. Unfortunately, a trash heap is a goldmine of information for those unscrupulous enough to use private information to their benefit.

Make confidential waste disposal in Manchester a part of your company’s protocols. It is a simple process and you can have peace of mind that your clients’ private and sensitive information is securely destroyed. Contact Doc Data if you need a confidential waste disposal service.   We will arrange a complimentary data security survey to determine the extent of your needs. After which we will deliver secure lockers to your place of business. These locked containers can be filled with the documents that are no longer needed. Once they are full, we will schedule, at your convenience, a collection time and date for the secure lockers. The lockers are transported to our facility and the contents shredded by our large capacity shredders. We will also provide a certificate of destruction claiming that your documents are securely shredded. We are proud to be part of a recycling initiative and all your shredded documents are recycled into a variety of paper products. Ensure that your business’ reputation remains intact and use the confidential waste disposal services of Doc Data.

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