Paper Shredding in Chester

Paper Shredding in ChesterPaper shredding in Chester is an effective way of destroying old documents that are no longer in use. You may think that tearing an old document in half and tossing it in the bin is sufficient as you no longer need the information on the document. This is where many people make the same mistake. To protect yourself and your clients from possible identity theft and fraud, it is strongly advised that you use the services of a professional shredding company.

To completely destroy old documents and paper in Chester, paper shredding is the best option. Doc Data is a professional shredding and recycling company that provides first class professional shredding services. Give us a ring and speak to us about how we can help you with your business’ shredding needs. We will conduct an online survey to determine your exact needs. Once this has been completed, we will deliver secure lockers to your premises. The unwanted documents are placed into the locked consoles. These are collected from when they are full and taken to our secure shredding facility. The contents are destroyed, shredded by our high volume shredder. Our high capacity shredder can shred in 10 minutes what it usually takes an office shredder to do in 4 hours. To prove that the documents have been destroyed in a correct manner, we will send a certificate of destruction to you once the shredding has taken place.

Paper shredding in Chester is a service every business should consider. Contact Doc Data today to find out more about our paper shredding service. We are committed to reducing our clients’ carbon footprint and helping to protect our environment. All the shredded paper is reused and recycled into usable paper products. We are happy to tailor a service that meets your company’s shredding needs. Speak to us and arrange an affordable quote for our paper shredding service. We will arrange the delivery of the console, a collection date best suited to you, and together we can make a difference in protecting our environment.

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