Document Disposal in Altrincham

Document disposal in AltrinchamDocument disposal in Altrincham is an excellent solution if your business is looking to get rid of much of its obsolete paperwork. This is a safe and secure service that destroys your documents in an efficient manner. Do not be tempted to simply shred your docs and toss them in the garbage. Many confidence artists and scammers rifle through the trash for papers containing confidential information such as addresses, identification numbers, bank account details and credit card numbers. They take this information and use it in illegal activities, particularly identity theft. Prevent this major misstep by using a secure document disposal service.

For your business in Altrincham, document disposal services are offered by Doc Data. Our document shred procedure is very simple. First, take our complementary data security survey to determine your information security requirements. Second, we will personally delivery security lockers to your business location. Third, place all sensitive documents that need to be safely discarded into these lockers. These are secure, locked consoles. Fourth, just give us a call when you’re done and we’ll come and collect the security lockers. They will be taken to our facility where they will be immediately destroyed. During the journey to our facility, our office team will monitor their location and progress; further enhancing the security of your documents. Fifth, once destroyed, we will issue your business a Certificate of Destruction. It is as easy as picking up the phone and giving us a call!

If your business is looking to get rid of a mountain of outdated paperwork, consider document disposal in Altrincham. Contact Doc Data Shred today and find out more about safe document disposal service. Don’t let your business, or your clients become a victim of identity fraud. As part of our initiative to protect the planet, we take all shredded paper and convert them into recycled paper products. By providing this recycling service, we save up to fourteen trees for every ton of paper that is recycled. Not only will you be vigilant in making sure your information is secure, but you will also be helping the environment by reducing paper waste.

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