Paper Shredding in Tameside

Paper Shredding in TamesidePaper shredding in Tameside has numerous benefits. Individuals and businesses are slowly beginning to realise the importance of shredding important documents and paperwork. One of the fastest growing crimes in the world today is identity fraud. This situation occurs when someone is able to obtain large amounts of your personal information. These fraudsters are then able to cause a whole host of problems. One of the major ways in which they commit fraudulent crimes is by obtaining money from your bank accounts or credit cards. If they have access to paperwork such as bank or credit card statement, it may be possible for them to pay for goods, purchase products and even transfer money without your approval. The safest way to prevent this occurring is by shredding all of your financial related statements and paperwork after you have finished with them. We at Doc Data understand the importance of effective shredding and disposal. We have been providing our customers with a collection, shredding and disposal service for many years.

For business owners in Tameside, paper shredding is a vital security measure that helps prevent sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. We take great care to ensure that your documents are secure at all times until they are effectively destroyed. We are the number one choice for large businesses and corporations who need to dispose of sensitive and private information that comes in the form of documentation and paperwork.

The process of paper shredding in Tameside involves a number of secure steps. If you would like more information about our paper shredding service, contact Doc Data. We will perform a thorough security assessment and advise you how to improve privacy and security levels within your company. We will then deliver a number of secure lockers to your site to be used to store unwanted, sensitive documents. At specified dates, we will collect the documents from you, transport them to our disposal facility and have the documents shredded and destroyed. You will then be issued with a certificate of destruction.

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