Secure Document Destruction in Trafford Park

officeSecure Document Destruction in Trafford ParkSecure document destruction in Trafford Park is an obligation to your clients. You are by law held responsible if their private details are used in fraudulent transactions. You will also be held financially liable. This could be devastating for your company and you could lose you remaining clients trust. The best thing to do is have all obsolete documents shredded. Office shredding machines do not provide secure destruction as someone has to shred the paper. Criminals offer large amounts of money which can be very tempting. A secure document destruction company will solve these problems and will issue your company with a certificate to state that the documents have indeed been securely shredded.

When old documents need throwing out in Trafford Park,  secure document destruction will help you accomplish this efficiently. A uniformed driver will show his identity card and collect the bags which have previously been filled and secured by you. The collection truck has a tracking system fitted so that it can be checked on throughout its travels. Once the bag reaches the secure document yard it is registered and loaded straight onto the conveyor. The conveyor takes the bag into the huge shredding machines without the bag being opened. This method makes sure that no-one has access to your papers even though the staff at the shredding facility have been though a security clearance. The paper is shredded into very small pieces and there are so many documents shredded that it is impossible to find matching pieces ensuring that your documents are completely destroyed and can never be read.

Secure document destruction in Trafford Park is good for the environment as well as for your companies’ security. Contact Doc Data today and make sure that you have done everything possible to protect your clients by using a secure document destruction service. The shredded paper is sent to the paper mill to be recycled and is then used to make other paper products. This is an excellent way of lowering your carbon footprint and benefiting the environment.

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