Confidential Shredding in Macclesfield

Confidential shredding in MacclesfieldConfidential shredding in Macclesfield will ensure that your old private and confidential documents are safe from would be identity thieves. It is your legal obligation as part of the data protection act to ensure that your clients’ sensitive and personal information is secure. This includes information that is not currently being used. Shredding confidential information that is no longer used remains an important part of your business operations.

For businesses in Macclesfield, confidential shredding that is secure and convenient is offered by Doc Data. We are known as the shredding company to use for all your document shredding requirements. Give us a ring to discuss our options and we can tailor make a shredding solution for your business. We will deliver secure lockers to your premises for all the documents you no longer require. Once the consoles are full, we will collect them and take them to our secure shredding facility. After the contents of your locker are shredded, we will provide a certificate of destruction as evidence that your documents have been securely shredded.

Confidential shredding in Macclesfield replaces the task of shredding the documents yourself. Our high capacity shredding machines will do in ten minutes what would typically take 8 hours with a conventional office shredding machine. In this way, we will save time and money. To find out more about our confidential shredding services, contact Doc Data. We firmly believe in reducing our carbon footprint. All your shredded documents are recycled back into paper products. For every tonne of paper that is recycled, we contribute towards saving the equivalent of 14 trees. Our collection vehicles are fitted with the latest software so that we can monitor their progress during the day. Should it be necessary, we can divert them if there is a traffic problem. This not only enhances the level of security we provide you, and saving time to meet your deadlines, but also helps in keeping the fuel use to a minimum. We aim to provide the fastest and a secure, green and efficient service.

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