Document Shredding Service In Wigan

Document Shredding Service In WiganJust how does the document shredding service in Wigan work?This was one the questions that were emailed to us by a potential client. Document & Data Shred, which has been operational for 54 years, is an ISO 9001 accredited company that complies to the latest confidential destruction British standard to ensure that our clients’ information remain secured until the documents are safely obliterated. The company’s specialty is the meticulous wipe-out of confidential papers that could otherwise be used by identity thieves, credit card frauds, snoopy journalists or nosey competitors. In this day and age, one can never be too careful!

In Wigan document shredding service confidentiality starts the moment the client calls Document & Data Shred. The security level of the documents concerned is established, the more confidential they are, the more precaution is taken. Once the security level has been confirmed, Document & Data Shred will send their truck and professional team, along with the locked storage consoles, to your company on an agreed date to collect the data. The documents are placed in the consoles, securely and efficiently locked then loaded on the trucks before they are taken directly to the destruction facility. The documents are opened only to unload the confidential papers into an industrial-sized shredder before a certification of destruction is provided so that the client knows that the sensitive documents have been safely dealt with. The shredded papers are then responsibly recycled into eco-friendly items such as tissue papers.

However, the document shredding service in Wigan is not limited to clearing papers out but the company also deals with a variety of other materials including computer hard drives. Papers and computer hard drives complement each other. Information is first filled out on papers then input into computers although sometimes, it’s the other way around, but the hard fact remains: the information still need to remain confidential. If you need to get rid of computer hard drives and other sensitive materials, do not hesitate to give us a ring, we would be happy to hear from you. Our friendly and courteous assistants are waiting for your call. Contact Document & Data Shred today.

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