Archive Clearout in Stretford

archive clearout in StretfordNeed help with archive clearout in Stretford? Whether it’s at home or at the office that you are clearing out the archives, consider contacting Doc Data as we offer a nationwide confidential shredding service. Businesses have to respect the confidentiality of their clients and not disclose them under any circumstances. However, one of the ways that the information might get leaked out is either when the computer system has been hacked or when papers containing their information details are thrown away in the trash. Thus, to make sure that your clients are not defrauded, give us a call and we can discuss the services we can put at your disposal.

We provide a comprehensive service tailored to your specific requirements. In Stretford, an archive clearout includes receiving secure lockable bins in which to place the confidential papers. Moreover, our staff members are all uniformed and easy to identify, plus, they will carry identification if you want to double check. We are an accredited ISO 9001 company dedicated to providing safe collection and shredding service to companies and firms in the country. Together with our sister company, we ensure that the paper shredded is then recycled into reusable products such as tissue papers and other disposable paper products. Thus, by giving us a call, you will also be contributing to the welfare of the country and its ecosystem. There are a lot of processes that go into producing papers and some of these processes do pollute the environment, not to mention that when trees are cut down and not replaced with younger plants, the air quality goes down. By recycling papers and other related products, these is a smaller need for trees to be cut down.

Clients who need an archive clearout in Stretford are more than welcome to give us a call. We will be pleased to discuss the solutions that we can place at their disposal. If you need assistance with an archive clearout, contact Doc Data. You can rest assured that your old documents will be well shredded and recycled.

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