Paper Recycling in Glossop

Paper Recycling in GlossopPaper recycling in Glossop has a positive effect on our environment. Paper is a biodegradable material. When it is dumped in landfill sites, it rots and it produces methane. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that is 20 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Unfortunately, global warming is a reality. Methane and carbon dioxide emissions have to be reduced to lessen its effects. Recycling paper is a large step in helping curb this problem. Recycling paper can conserve natural resources, save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and keep landfill space free for other types of trash that can’t be recycled.

At your home or business in Glossop, paper recycling is not difficult to do. Most businesses produce piles of scrap paper, and if it is not recycled, will end up in landfill sites. If you would like to make an effort in managing your paper waste, speak to Doc Data about recycling. They offer a secure and confidential shredding service. All the unwanted paper in your business can be confidently sent to this professional company for destruction. Once the scrap paper has been shredded at their secure shredding facility, it is recycled into usable paper products. Linking with their sister company, Elsa Recycling, ensure that your destroyed documents are recycled back into paper products.

Paper recycling in Glossop is as easy as making a start. Contact Doc Data today and find out more about how paper recycling can make a difference to our environment. They will do a survey to determine your needs and propose a tailored solution for your needs. A secure console will be delivered to your premises, and when it is full, they will collect it and transport it to their facility where the contents are destroyed. Not only are you making an effort in reducing your carbon footprint, but also ensuring that you conform to the legal requirement of keeping your clients’ sensitive information safe.

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