Shredding Services in Stockport

Shredding Services in StockportUsing shredding services in Stockport can ensure that your company won’t become a victim of identity theft and scams because information that a person used off of a stolen document. Companies have to take great care in the way they destroy paperwork with personal information on it in order to protect their customers. Making use of professional shredding services provides both business owners and their customers a peace of mind in knowing that their information has been destroyed in the right way.

Shredding of personal information will keep your business compliant with the Data Protection Act. In Stockport, shredding services offered by professional companies are a convenient and secure way of remaining compliant with the act. Doc Data will first determine your information security requirements where you can complete a Data Security Survey. They will then deliver safe lockers to your location. Any sensitive information or data that is no longer required by your business is placed in these securely locked consoles. Once the consoles are full to capacity, their authorised staff will arrive at your premises to collect them. They will then be taken to their secure location for destruction. After the contents of the consoles are securely shredded, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction. As an environmentally responsible company, Doc Data will have the shredded documents recycled into an assortment of usable paper products.

It is also more cost effective to use shredding services in Stockport than to do it yourself, or by the staff at your office. Their high capacity shredding machines can complete in just ten minutes what your office shredder could do in 8 hours! Contact Doc Data today for more information about affordable and convenient shredding services. It is a fact that 14 trees are saved for every tonne of paper that is recycled. Do your part in recycling and protecting your clients’ sensitive data by using the services of a professional shredding company.

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