Office Recycling in Chester

Office recycling in ChesterOffice recycling in Chester is an important part of getting rid of papers you no longer need. This could be a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly occurrence. No matter what the frequency, you need the documents to be safely disposed of. Recycling is the only method of ensuring confidentiality. You may think that by tearing up the documents and throwing them away in the trash that the information has been successfully destroyed. This is unfortunately not the case as there are people who can put it back together and use the data on the pages for nefarious purposes. There is an entire industry out there that makes billions every year out of identity theft and other fraudulent practices. If you have shredded the paper yourself it normally gets thrown in the bin. This ends up in the landfill and takes a long time to decompose.

If you need to clear out old documents in Chester, office recycling will not only aid the environment but will be the safest method for you and your customers. We will collect your unwanted documents in a very safe and secure manner and shred them before sending the remains for recycling. This will save many trees from being cut down for paper and also the energy needed to pulp them. Recycled paper is essential to the well-being of the environment. You can do your part by supplying as much of your paper and cardboard to the recyclers as possible. We supply the bags for you to use and they are sealed when full. Our uniformed and vetted driver will collect the sealed bags and take them to our secure shredding facility. You will receive a certificate of destruction to prove that you have taken all possible care to destroy the information.

Office recycling in Chester is easy and absolutely safe. Contact Doc Data today and arrange your bags for your office recycling. You can then not be held financially liable by your clients for any fraudulent transactions that may occur. You can also be proud of helping to lower your carbon footprint.

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