Secure Document Destruction in Bury

Need Secure Document Destruction in Bury?Do you want to find secure document destruction in Bury as you have a lot of sensitive documents at work that need to be discarded? Such documents contain personal information such as names, addresses, contact numbers, credit card information, and social insurance numbers. When you simply toss such documents into the waste bin, you are leaving sensitive information in the hands of confidence artists. Identity theft and credit card fraud is a growing problem in the UK and across the globe. Many fraudsters come across your personal details by simply rifling through the waste, looking for items such as old bills, photocopied versions of your id cards, and documents with your address listed on top. This is private information which if left in the wrong hands, can cause serious damage to your credit and reputation. Identity theft and credit card fraud is a serious crime. Protect yourself and your employees from this serious crime by opting for secure shredding. Where can you find a company that provides such services?

In Bury, secure document destruction services is offered by Doc Data. To obtain their regularly scheduled services, simply contact them. They will conduct a Data Security Survey to determine your information’s security needs. After the survey, they will schedule a delivery of their secure lockers. Their security bins vary in size according to your needs from 15kg to 90kg bins. For large clearances, they can provide 35 cubic yard roll-off lid containers. It is your responsibility to place sensitive documents into the provided secure locked consoles. Doc Data will then collect all your documents and destroy them in their secure facility. Once all your documents are shredded, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction. Unlike other companies that simply shred and toss their paper, at Doc Data, they take shredded documents and recycle them into a wide range of paper products such as cups and recycled paper.

Contact Doc Data for their secure document destruction in Bury services if your office has a large amount of paper that requires disposal. You can be sure that all unused confidential documents will be thoroughly destroyed, and you will also assist in the effort to recycle. For more information about secure document destruction, contact Doc Data.

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