Office Recycling in Crewe

office recycling in CreweIs office recycling in Crewe a service from which your business could benefit? Many business and medical offices find they are accumulating more paper than ever in history. The storage or file room of many offices are busting their seams because we hold on to files for years longer than we need to. Client and patient files contain sensitive information that we are obligated to protect. If you are running out of room with no space left for new files, Doc Data can help provide some breathing room. More importantly, they can do it safely and confidentially. The service is not conducted like a Brinks truck cash pick- up with armed guards on board. However, disposing of your documents in a secure manner is just as important.

In Crewe, office recycling might start with a file storage room clean out. Representatives of Doc Data will arrive at your place of business in secure, well-marked trucks. They will be uniformed and easily recognised. Your old files are removed to the shredding trucks where the contents are secured, even from the drivers. The trucks, equipped with GPS tracking devices, take their load to the main shredding facility. There it is transferred to the shredding machine. The whole facility is state-of-the art for security and the employees are vetted. Once shredded, the paper is then transferred to paper manufacturers and recycled into new paper goods. Your company will receive a documented certificate of destruction.

Once the back-log of office recycling in Crewe is complete, your business might benefit from regular service calls at appropriate intervals. You may want the files cleared out regularly every three to five years. However, if your office generates wasted paperwork then Doc Data can place secure recycling bins throughout your offices. The number of bins and the frequency of pick-up will depend on the volume of paper your company generates. An initial survey will answer that question. Doc Data is an all-around perfect solution for businesses. All of the paper from your business is recycled into useable goods which saves thousands of trees. Nothing goes into the landfill. Sensitive documents are protected until destruction. You get credit for three levels of responsibility with one phone call. For more information about office recycling, contact Doc Data.

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