Shredding Services in Warrington

Shredding Services in WarringtonShredding services in Warrington need to be offered by a reliable and trustworthy service provider. When you think about hiring a shredding service, you are probably looking for a safe and secure way of destroying old and unused documents that you wouldn’t want someone else to get their hands on. The incidents of fraud resulting from identity theft is unfortunately on the rise.  It is more important than ever to ensure your discarded documents are securely and professionally shredded.  Whether you have unused documents from your home office or from a large company, the secure disposal of obsolete documents remains the same.

In Warrington, shredding services offered by shredding companies need to be assessed before hiring. You should check and find out what the company’s accreditations are, what their reputation is like, and whether they offer a certificate of destruction once the shredding job is complete. Document & Data Shred meets and exceeds all requirements prescribed by the British Standard BS EN 15713 and is also an ISO 9001 compliant company. This accreditation ensures confidentiality and professionalism.

Document & Data Shred provide shredding services in Warrington where the staff are uniformed, identifiable and completely vetted under BS 7858 regulations. The company is proud to be a member of the Elsa Recycling Group. It is easy to use the services of Document & Data Shred. First complete the online Data Security Survey, they will deliver safe, secure lockers at a time of your choosing, place your sensitive documents into the secure lockers, and finally, they will collect the lockers from you and the documents are destroyed.  For your peace of mind, once the documents are destroyed you will be issued with a certificate of destruction. Another aspect of this shredding service that is notable is that they recycle the shredded paper into reusable paper products!  If you are looking for professional and affordable shredding services, contact Document & Data Shred.


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