Need an Archive Clearout in Trafford Park?

Archive Clearout in Trafford ParkDo you require an archive clearout in Trafford Park because your business is moving? Moving an office is laborious work, especially when you have to pack up your entire office and all those documents that you have in your store room. You may not be using most of those documents anymore, but you cannot dispose of them either because they likely contain sensitive information such as bank details, contact information and even credit card details of your clients. While shifting offices, it is impossible to keep a close eye on this sensitive data and manage the move at the same time. You wouldn’t want this information to fall into the hands of a criminal or con artist. As per UK’s data protection act, you are required by law to keep sensitive information in a safe and secure manner. How can you safely transport this information to your new office location?

In Trafford Park, an archive clearout that is safe and secure can be easily carried out by professionals like Document & Data Shred. As the leading clearout company in the area, they guarantee a data shredding service that is both secure and confidential. While amassing all your documents, decide upon documents that require a safe disposal. After completing this task, simply contact Document & Data Shred online and complete their complimentary data survey to determine your data shredding requirements. A secure locker will be delivered to your location accordingly. You will be required to place your sensitive data inside. It will then be collected by authorised staff who will be identifiable and uniformed, vetted according to BS 7858. After clearing out your archives, the locker is delivered to their shredding facility. Once your archive has been securely destroyed, you will be issued a certificate of destruction, guaranteeing that all of your sensitive material has been safely destroyed.

A safe and secure archive clearout in Trafford Park is best done by the professionals. In addition, all destroyed paper materials are sent to their sister factory where this material will be recycled and transformed into  various paper products.  If you need assistance with an archive clearout in Trafford Park, contact Document & Data Shred.

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