The Importance of Secure Shredding in Cheadle

The importance of secure shredding in Cheadle cannot be underestimated. Identity theft and fraud is an increasing problem for both businesses and individuals alike. One the most common ways for unscrupulous individuals to obtain personal information is through access to personal documents. Much of the post that you receive will contain sensitive information. If this information falls into the wrong hands then it can be used to commit crimes. Bank and credit card statements are a particular problem if stolen. These details can allow people to transfer money from your accounts, make payments to other companies and purchase items online. From a business perspective, confidential company information should remain secure at all times. Failing to protect such information could result in costly problems.

In Cheadle, secure shredding is offered to businesses and individuals by specialist shredding companies. In most cases, these companies will provide you with secure lockers to store all of your documents. You will then be advised as to when the documents will be collected. This will allow you to schedule the collections so that they are completed at a time that is most suitable. The staff at shredding companies should always be vetted and should arrive at your location with the correct identification and appropriate uniform. The documents will be transported to a secure recycling facility where it is shredded and then recycled. Once the shredding process has been completed, you should receive a notice of destruction which confirms that the process has been completed safely and securely.

In addition to improving security, secure shredding in Cheadle also helps the environment, with more paper being used than ever before, the effect on the environment is substantial. By choosing to shred your paper and have it recycled you can help to protect the environment. This will also allow you to reduce your carbon footprint. From a business perspective, showing that you are doing your bit for the environment is great for the image of your company. Call Document and Data Shredding and do your bit today!

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