Confidential Waste Macclesfield

You or your company may have confidential waste in Macclesfield in need of disposal.  You may have boxes of paper files that go back years. Eventually you run out of space and need to clear them out. Your customers and clients depend on you to handle their information safely. You do not want your own confidential paperwork floating about for anyone to see. Identity theft is a major threat and we must prevent it from happening to our clients or ourselves. Therefore, when you are ready to clean out your file storage area of old files, be careful who you trust to handle the shredding and disposal.

Ask around for reputable Macclesfield confidential waste disposal companies and the name Document and Data Shred is the one you will hear repeatedly. Many well-respected corporations and local businesses contract with them for document shredding. The professionals at Document and Data Shred are serious about their responsibility for safely disposing of sensitive documents. Their system ensures that your documents go directly from your hands into sealed containers and the containers emptied directly into the mobile shredder. For your large archive of documents, Document and Data Shred has thirty-five cubic yard rolling containers. The technicians are uniformed and vehicles well marked.

Document and Data Shred for confidential waste in Macclesfield is also an environmentally responsible company. Once paper is shredded, it is recycled into useful paper products. One ton of recycled paper saves fourteen trees. Everybody wants to be a part of that solution. Document and Data Shred service meets the British Standard BS EN 15713 and accredited with ISO 9001. They are members of the British Security Industry Association. They are a respected company, part of the Elsa Recycling Group, and they have been around for fifty years or more. You do not have to look any further than Document and Data Shred for professional confidential service. You do not have to wait until you have a storage room of documents to clear. Regular periodic service is available to fit your specific needs. Each time, when shredding is complete, you will receive a certificate of destruction.

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