Secure Document Shredding Service in Manchester

Secure Document Shredding Service in ManchesterDocument and Data Shred provide a secure document shredding service in Manchester. We all have a legal obligation to protect data. In our personal and business life, we now have to provide so much more personal information than in the past. Everything about us is out there creating a high risk of identity theft for individuals and companies. Fraud resulting from identity theft is still the fastest growing crime. It is often true that the victim is the last to know that his assets have been compromised. A bank or credit card company is likely to spot the misuse first.

Preventing fraud in Manchester with a secure document shredding service is the most important step after using common sense. Common sense tells us to keep sensitive documents from falling into the wrong hands. We must not toss them into a waste container or leave them lying about. One click of a camera is all it takes to steal information in a sensitive document left lying unattended. Keep private information secured until time to dispose of it. Document and Data Shred, a sister company of Elsa Recycling is a reliable and trustworthy company to trust your documents to for shredding and recycling. They have been in business for over fifty years and they have developed a secure system for document collection and shredding. Once shredded, the paper is recycled into useful products.

Secure document shredding service in Manchester is achieved after Document and Data Shred analyse, free of charge, your particular security needs. The appropriate number of secure lockers is placed on the premises. Once a document is fed into a locker, it is secured until time for shredding. According to the pre-determined schedule, uniformed technicians from Document and Data Shred collect your document lockers and feed the contents into their shredder. The schedule, based on how much paper your company generates, will be dependable and convenient for you. Your company will receive a Certificate of Destruction and Elsa Recycling will receive the shredded paper. Document and Data Shred ensures the protection and disposal of your documents in an environmentally responsible way giving you a two-way win.

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