Document Shredding Service in Manchester

We are often asked by prospective customers “why should we use your Document Shredding Service in Manchester?” and we often respond with several reasons as why to choose Document & Data Shred. There are a number of shredding companies operating in the UK, but the vast majority will own a vehicle/s and collect waste to deliver to a third part recycling plant, we always the more companies you involve in this process the less secure the disposal of the waste products.

The Service we provide on Document Shredding in Manchester is fully in-house therefore we rely on no third parties, our recycling plant is based in Reddish which is 20 mins from Manchester city centre, with a wide variety of clients we service both the Private and Public sector and most of our clients enjoy the fact we have been operating for nearly 50 years, giving them peace of mind they are dealing with a well established organisation.

In the last couple of years providing our Document Shredding Service in Manchester we have noticed a considerably increase in the amount of Data Shredding required. We believe more and more companies are becoming aware of data protection, not just for themselves, but for their clients aswell.

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