Sourcing An Office Recycling Company In Tameside

Office Recycling Company In TamesideYour search for office recycling in Tameside is over! Different offices or work environments have different recycling needs and create different types and volumes of waste. For office recycling, a dedicated recycling company will need to assess your office and see what waste you mostly produce. Paper is often the major contributor to waste in an office. Recycling paper not only saves space and is a good community initiative for a business to contribute towards a cleaner neighbourhood and environment, but also ensures that confidential documents won’t fall into the wrong hands.

In Tameside and other areas, sourcing an office recycling company is as simple as visiting Document and Data Shred and reading about our green initiatives. Putting bins and boxes in designated areas that can be collected at no extra effort to you, is just one of the many services that Document and Data Shred offers. The relationship with our sister company, Elsa Recycling Group, allows us to not only destroy documents but to recycle back into paper products.

For any business –whether large or small – to have to buy or rent a shredding machine that can cope with the capacity of waste usually generated in an office environment would be a dramatic monthly expenditure. In addition, the shredded waste would still have to be shifted away from the premises.

Document and Data Shred, the office recycling company that works throughout Tameside offers all these services in one easy arrangement. Bags or bins for waste are collected by high security vehicles and shredded in a secure environment by high capacity machines that can handle in ten minutes what an office shredder would take eight hours to do. This is a huge saving of time, money and labour. Providing a fast, efficient and environmentally friendly service to local companies is what we do best. And we look forward to being of further assistance to businesses in Tameside.

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