Document Disposal in Heald Green That Meets All Requirements

Document Disposal in Heald Green Instead of regular document disposal in Heald Green, why not consider our secure document destruction and recycling services? Data security is a thriving business in the UK today due to the rampant increase in identity fraud. Yet, several businesses and modalities require people to fill out or print forms with personal information. The UK Data protection regulations require companies to dispose of sensitive documents safely to protect confidential information. With today’s identity theft technology, it is not enough to shred and discard documents in community landfills. We go the extra mile to recycle shredded documents into new products such as paper cups and tissue products. Our approach not only protects your information, but is also good for the environment.

Outsourcing your document disposal needs to us can save you time, money and energy. In Heald Green, our document disposal methods use heavy-duty, highly efficient shredders. What would take a regular office shredder eight hours to shred, our machines can handle in ten minutes. We have a fast document disposal turnaround time and guarantee all our customers value for their money. Once destroyed, we issue a certificate of destruction as proof. You don’t need to worry about shredded documents resurfacing on the internet because we recycle our waste into new paper products. For highly sensitive documents, we provide secure locked consoles or bags that remain sealed from collection to disposal. We have tracking systems that monitor your document’s chain of custody to ensure no infringement occurs before shredding.

We work with you to design the most suitable options for your document disposal in Heald Green. We work with your schedules to avoid disruption and minimise delays. Our staff is courteous and kind yet highly professional. Our document destruction site is safe and secure complete with CCTV and alarm systems for extra peace of mind. Contact Doc Data today for comprehensive document disposal services. We are accredited with ISO 9001 and are members of the BSIA. All our staff are uniformed, identifiable and vetted to BS 7858. You can rest assured that your documents will be disposed of safely and ethically.

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