Office Shredding Service in Wilmslow Helps You Stay in Compliance

Office Shredding Service in Wilmslow Select the right office shredding service in Wilmslow to stay in compliance with the Data Protection Act. Shredding is also an essential element in the life cycle of documents. Whether you run a multi-national corporation or a local business, you will be entrusted with personal information in various types of documents. These include invoices, bills, receipts, employee information, travel, insurance and medical documents and more. Documents that contain basic data such as full name, address, telephone number or vehicle registration number are other vital sources of information. Though many organisations are moving towards becoming paperless, a great many transactions and communications are still done via paper.

For your business in Wilmslow, an office shredding service reduces the risk of identity theft and fraud. Many documents that contain personally identifiable information and confidential health information can be misused when they fall into the wrong hands. Destroying these documents can protect you and your clients against serious crimes. The Data Protection Act mandates that all companies dispose of data safely and responsibly. This applies to all organisations, whether private or public. Companies that fail to comply with the provisions of this act can be severely fined. Our team can help you to dispose of your sensitive information in the right way. We are associated with prestigious organisations such as the BSIA (British Security Industry Association) and many others.

Office shredding in Wilmslow saves your company significant amounts of money. You reduce the risk of legal complications and liability. We conduct a detailed, complimentary Data Security Survey to determine your precise requirements. Once you contract with us, we deliver secure lockers to store your paper till collection. These consoles can hold all your sensitive documents. Collection is done according to the agreed-upon schedule. The papers are destroyed and we will give you a Certificate of Destruction. Contact Doc Data today for more information. All the paper we collect is recycled into a variety of paper products. You get a double advantage of protecting your business and also doing your bit for the environment. Our team can provide you with all the options available and help you to select the right one for your own business.

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