Secure Document Destruction in Middleton Ensure Privacy and Safety

Secure Document Destruction in Middleton Opt for secure document destruction in Middleton and ensure privacy and confidentiality. Under the Data Protection Act 2018, everyone responsible for using personal data has to follow certain regulations. Financial fraud costs the economy billions of pounds. Criminals access information through unprotected data. Business and personal identity theft, scams and leakage of data to unauthorized persons can destroy your business or your personal life. The data could be anything from ranging from your full name, address and telephone number to your bank account details, health records, financial information, records of your assets, personal relationships and more. Some people store passwords in their diaries which they may throw away at the end of the year. Chequebook stubs are another source of banking information.

For our customers in Middleton, secure document destruction that we offer ring-fences your private information. Our nationwide services can handle all your document destruction requirements. We begin the process with a thorough, free, no-obligation data security survey. Based on this, we can work out a schedule that matches your specifications. You may need a one-off service or a regular one. We deliver secure document lockers for you to store your documents in safe consoles. At the time of collection, we ensure that they are safely transported to our facility and completely destroyed. When the process is completed, we give you a Certificate of Destruction. This helps you to assure your clients that the data is completely destroyed. The shredded documents are safely recycled to manufacture a number of paper products.

Secure document destruction in Middleton and elsewhere gives you peace of mind. Data thieves can access information via customer records, HR records, employee data, financial data such as credit or debit card information, insurance records, and more. Criminals can sell this data to other criminals, take over your accounts, use it for extortion, or destroy your business. They can create a fake identity, driving license, or passport using your name, address, and other private information. Contact Doc Data for more details on our services. Our team has the necessary skills and experience to give you the right advice.

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