Confidential Waste Disposal in Burnley – Perfect for Your Business’ Requirements

Confidential Waste Disposal in Burnley Professional assistance is available for confidential waste disposal in Burnley when you give us a call. We know how important it is to correctly dispose of unwanted documents. As a business, you do need to keep old documents for a certain number of years. Thereafter, they need to be correctly destroyed. Many people make the error of simply tearing the documents in 2 and tossing them in the bin. This can lead to identity theft and fraud. It is easy to find confidential information on a discarded document. Criminals rely on businesses carelessly throwing away old documents. This could lead to data theft, resulting in a number of problems for the person whose data was stolen, and the integrity of your business.

For assistance for your business in Burnley, confidential waste disposal is a top service that we offer. As such, we provide reliable and secure confidential shredding services to ensure that your old, unwanted documents are completely shredded. Thus, by using our services, you’re fulfilling your obligations to the data protection act, your clients, and to your business. Speak to us about your specific requirements and we will tailor make a solution that meets your exact needs. Thus, we’ll arrange a collection and your unwanted documents will be transported to our secure shredding facility. Here, your documents will be entirely shredded. Furthermore, you’ll receive a certificate of destruction as evidence that your documents are securely and correctly destroyed.

Confidential waste disposal in Burnley is an easy process when using our services. Find out more about how we can assist you and contact Doc Data today. Our confidential waste disposal service meets the new British Standard BS EN 15713. We are also members of the BSIA (British Security Industry Association). Additionally, we can assist you with a once off collection, or of you prefer, we can provide scheduled collections. In addition, all the paper we shred is recycled into consumable tissue products. You can rely on our team for a top quality waste disposal service.

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