Office Shredding Service in Trafford Park, Saving Time and Effort

Office Shredding Service in Trafford ParkAn office shredding service in Trafford Park is a valuable option to consider. It is likely that your office produces large volumes of paperwork containing sensitive information.  This information could include personal details of clients such as their identity numbers, bank account details and more. As a business, it is your responsibility to ensure that this information remains secure, even when it is no longer necessary. An ideal solution to disposing of old documents is to shred them. However, many businesses have a small, office sized shredding machine. As such, the shredding of documents often takes hours to complete and is a task that is likely postponed.

An excellent solution is available. Hence, in Trafford Park, an office shredding service can end the tiresome office shredding tasks. All you need to is give us a ring and discuss your specific requirements. In addition, we can provide a survey to determine your exact needs. We’re happy to tailor a solution that will work for you and your business. Our expert team can collect your unwanted documents and transport them to our secure shredding facility. Here the old documents are securely shredded, ensuring complete safety of your clients’ information. We can provide secure, lockable consoles in which to place your unwanted documents. When these are full, we’ll collect them and ensure they are effectively destroyed at our facility. Furthermore, all the shredding services we provide follow the guidelines of the BSIA.

An office shredding service in Trafford Park is a great alternative to possible legal action. Our shredding machine can shred documents in 10 minutes compared to the 8 hours a conventional office shredder does.  Furthermore, we can provide a certificate of destruction as your evidence that the documents have been securely shredded. For more details about our office shredding service, contact Doc Data. We firmly believe in effective recycling. As such, all the documents we shred are recycled into a variety of reusable paper products. Disposing of your unwanted documents is easy when you use our services. Furthermore, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your clients’ information is safe.

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