Paper Shredding in Burnley – a Convenient, Reliable and Affordable Service

Paper Shredding in Burnley The point of paper shredding in Burnley is to ensure the safety of pertinent information found in old documents. As a business, it is your legal obligation to ensure that your clients’ personal information is kept safe. The repercussions to your business will be huge if there is a breach of security. Notwithstanding a burglary, a breach of security can mean access to important information. Documents are often merely thrown away without regard for the information they contain. This makes it easy for potential fraudsters and identity thieves to access information for their own gain. However, the correct paper shredding can ensure that this does not ever happen.

We understand the importance of client confidentiality. As such, in Burnley, the paper shredding services meet all necessary requirements. We can discuss your particular needs and tailor a service that is unique to your business. As such, we can provide the right containers to keep your unwanted documents and papers until it is time to shred them. When the container is full, our experts will collect it from you and transport the contents to our secure facility. The contents of the container are placed inside our high density shredder and completely shredded. In addition, all the paper that e shred is recycled and made into useful consumer products. Not only are you keeping your clients’ information safe, you are also playing a role in the recycling effort.

Paper shredding in Burnley is best completed by a professional team. In fact, our shredder can do in a few minutes what a typical office shredder can do in 8 hours. For more details about our paper shredding service, contact Doc Data today. We are registered with a number of organisations including the BSIA. This is assurance that all the shredding we complete is in accordance with their requirements. Furthermore, our paper shredding service is competitively priced, convenient and thorough. There is no reason to worry about identity theft and fraud when you use our paper shredding services. The very first step is to give us a ring to schedule a site survey. We’ll then tailor our services to meet your exact requirements.

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