Office Recycling in Stretford

Office recycling in StretfordOffice recycling in Stretford is one of the most important ways to keep your clients’ particulars private.  It is no good just shredding the papers and discarding them as there are many unscrupulous people who can piece the shredded paper back into a readable document. The details of these documents can be used in identity theft and fraud. If your company is found to be the source of the information you can be held financially liable. We solve this problem for you by collecting all sensitive documents directly from your office.  We supply secure bags which are filled with the papers that need to be destroyed and sealed by you.  Our security cleared driver in uniform will collect the bags when full.  The driver will show you their identification before loading the bags into the van.  All our collection vans have vehicle tracking devices fitted to them.

Your clients’ details can easily fall into the wrong hands. In Stretford, office recycling is one of the only ways to be sure that this does not happen. Once the bags have been conveyed to our secure yard they are loaded onto a conveyor without being opened and the whole package is shredded by an industrial shredder.  You will then receive a document of destruction from us confirming that any sensitive documents have been correctly destroyed and absolving you of any further responsibility for the information. Once the documents have been shredded and chopped up there is no possible chance that they could ever be reconstructed.  They are then sent for recycling.  This is a brilliant way to get rid of paper and have it reused to make many other paper products.  It stays out of the landfill sites and is once again a useful product.

Office recycling in Stretford is great for the environment. Contact Doc Data today and do your bit for the environment as well as safeguarding your customers’ details.  This is a win-win situation with your company being able to prove destruction of documents and more paper for recycling.

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