Paper Recycling in Chester

Paper Recycling in ChesterPaper recycling in Chester is one of the most effective ways in reducing deforestation in the world. The production of paper does not just entail the cutting down of trees but it also requires the use of various toxic materials which can seriously harm the environment. However, when paper is recycled, it produces 73% less air pollution than if it were made from completely raw materials. Without any doubt, recycling provides more benefits to the environment and if you have old newspapers – the average person in the UK can collect about 38kgs of newspapers every year – and other paper products, we will be happy to collect these.sed

Doc Data has been helping clients and customers collecting paper of various types and nature to recycle. In Chester, paper recycling is a wonderful way to get rid of unused paper and clear the clutter. Our company serves two purposes; first of all, we help clients get rid of mountains of paper that can take up a lot of office space, and secondly, we help in securely shredding them . When clients get in contact with us, we identify whether they will need security consoles where they can place documents with sensitive information and then lock the consoles which are then collected by our uniformed staff at an agreed time and place. The security consoles are only opened once they have reached the industrial shredder into which the papers are placed to be obliterated. After this, the clients will receive a certificate stating that the documents have been successfully destroyed for your peace of mind. Our vehicles are also fitted with the latest software so that we can monitor their progress and enhance security for you.

Whether you have a huge amount of paper or you need to get rid of sensitive documents, paper recycling in Chester is the solution. If you would like to take part in paper recycling, contact Doc Data. In an attempt to reduce pollution and reduce the greenhouse effect, we offer a variety of solutions to our customers. For any further information about our services, do not hesitate to reach out to our friendly staff members.

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