Paper Recycling in Crewe

paper recycling in CreweWhen it comes to document shredding and paper recycling in Crewe, look no further than Doc Data. Whether you need a document shredding and paper recycling solution for your home office or your organisation, Doc Data can help. A large organisation can generate an enormous amount of paper. Even in our technological age there are many instances where paper is required. Consider for a moment how many pieces of paper are used everyday. One estimate suggests that the average office worker uses 45 pieces of paper a day. If you take an office of 25 people, each using 45 pieces of paper every day, in a single year this office would use 261 000 pieces of paper.

In Crewe, paper recycling is a necessity for many companies. In our technological age, there is also a great need for information and data security and it important that confidential records are not inadvertently shared. This is where a company such as Doc Data becomes invaluable. They are able to offer a tailor-made solution to meet the needs of your business. They can provide you with secure sacks or bins for the disposal of your paper. They can transport these to their facility for shredding. The machines used for shredding by Doc Data are very efficient. It will take 10 minutes for their machine to shred the same amount of paper that it would take an average office shredder 8 hours to shred. This means that when you use the services offered by Doc Data you can free up your staff for other tasks.

If you need document shredding and paper recycling in Crewe, give Doc Data a call. They have been operating for more than 50 years and have built their reputation as a reliable, accommodating and friendly company. They will help you design the right solution for your company and ensure that you meet all regulations when it comes to the handling of secure information. Doc Data will arrange collection at times suited to you. You need not be inconvenienced by this important task. For more information about paper recycling, contact Doc Data today.


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