Archive Clearout in Wigan

archive clearout in WiganIf you need to do an archive clearout in Wigan, look for a local company that can assist you. All businesses deal with a high level of documentation. Some of this documentation may contain sensitive information. This information could be about your own business or may involve details of your clients or customers. Over a period of time, this documentation will grow and take up valuable space in offices. Filing cabinets and cupboards may become excessively full. If this is the case, your only option is to dispose of this documentation. But how do you do it in a safe manner? Identity theft and fraudulent activities resulting for the acquisition of sensitive personal or company information is growing all the time. With this in mind, the disposal of such information is paramount to both the security of your own business and also that of your customers.

In Wigan, an archive clearout will involve the disposal of old or dated documentation. In order to ensure that the documents are disposed of securely, you should employ the services of companies such as Doc Data. This experienced company specialises in the disposal of sensitive documents. They understand the importance of ensuring that the documents are kept secure and then thoroughly shredded. They offer a customer focused service that involves a clear and defined collection, transportation and disposal process. They will visit your location and provide you with a free Data Security Survey. They will also provide you with secure lockers in which you place the documents that need disposing of. These lockers will be collected at regular intervals and securely transported to a disposal facility. The documents are then destroyed and you receive a Certificate of Destruction.

The main benefit of undertaking an archive clearout in Wigan using a specialist company such as Doc Data is undoubtedly the protection of sensitive information and the security of your business. However, it also allows you to maximise storage space by removing old and unwanted documents. This can help to improve the efficiency and organisation levels within your business. If you require assistance with an archive clearout, contact Doc Data.

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