Secure Shredding in Tameside

Secure Shredding in TamesideDo you need a company that provides secure shredding in Tameside? When you deal with clients’ confidential information or if you want to protect your company’s information, then you cannot just throw papers and other materials in the dumpster where anybody can find this information and use it to their benefit. To avoid cases of fraud and ID theft, it is best to find a company that can handle the disposal of these important documents. Doc Data is a company that specialises in secure document shredding regardless of the amount of paper.

In Tameside, secure shredding is professionally dealt with by Doc Data. When a client called the company and asked about their shredding service, a staff member was pleased to inform him that Doc Data is a reliable company that is accredited with ISO 9001 and follows the guidelines of BS EN 15713. All their staff are uniformed and identifiable, to assure that the delivery staff are really from the company and easily recognised. Once you have identified the level of security you will require for the papers, the company will send secured lockers in which you will place the papers and then lock them. After which, the company will set up a time for the collection of the papers and then they will transport the papers to the destruction facility where the consoles will be opened right before the papers are placed into the industrial shredder and obliterated in a matter of minutes. After that, if you require a certificate of destruction, the company will provide you one stating that all the materials have been shredded securely.

After the secure shredding in Tameside, the shredded documents are then processed and recycled into a number of paper products such as tissue paper. By reaching out to the company, you will be helping to save approximately 14 trees for every ton of paper. So why not consider hiring the company for any paper disposal services that you will need? Should you have any further questions about secure shredding services, do not hesitate to contact Doc Data.

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