Document Shredding Company in Burnley

Document Shredding Company in BurnleyDocument shredding company in Burnley is a necessary service in today’s world of many white collar crimes. Stealing documents and selling the contents or leaking aspects of your client’s private affairs on the web has become common practice by unscrupulous criminals. You cannot be too careful. Your clients trust that all the data they share with you will be absolutely confidential and shared only with those of your staff who need access to it. Should this information be used in any other way you may be financially liable. We can offer you a solution in the form of a secure container into which all confidential documentation is placed upon completion of the task. This way only a small number of staff have access to highly confidential items and once secured it can no longer be accessed by anyone.

In Burnley, document shredding company, Doc Data, treats your company’s document security as a high priority matter. Our uniformed, highly trained and professional staff will collect your secure containers and deliver them in a special security van to our dedicated handling facility to be shredded. Our staff in the disposal section have all been screened for security purposes and are honest and trustworthy. They have been specially trained in the handling of confidential materials. The documents, once shredded, are sent to waste paper factories to be recycled into many different products. So not only are you keeping your clients safe but you are helping the environment by saving trees from destructions.

Document shredding company in Burnley will destroy all kinds of confidential and sensitive materials. We offer ordinary document shredding with machines that will shred in 10 minutes what a normal office machine will take 8 hours to do. Not only does this save you time and labour but the paper is properly disposed of. Our confidential document shredding specialises in large clear outs as many companies have to keep records for a certain time period after which they need to be destroyed. We undertake to collect the years of paperwork and destroy it safely. For more information about a reliable document shredding company, contact Doc Data.

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