Shredding Services in Rochdale

Shredding Services in RochdaleYou will need shredding services in Rochdale if you are worried about your personal or clients’ personal information being exposed. Documents that are no longer in use may not be useful for your business or home office needs, but they can provide a wealth of information to fraudsters and other unscrupulous identity thieves. Why not contact Document and Data Shred?  They provide first class, professional shredding services guaranteed to destroy any unwanted documents.

In Rochdale, shredding services provide a secure way to get rid of all the documents in the storage unit that are no longer required.  Whatever the number of your unwanted documents, they can offer you a tailor-made solution.  Their operating system will ensure that your documents are not viewed by anyone at any time during the shredding process.  Apart from CCTV and other security aspects, your documents are not seen or handled by anyone from the pick up until you receive your certificate of destruction.  The state of the art machinery does all the work. Not only will it save you time and money to make use of their services but it will also give you peace of mind knowing that all personal information is correctly destroyed.  Why not use a company where you are certain of their registration with the British Security Industry Association?  Doc Data is that company.

It will be more cost effective to use a shredding service in Rochdale than to do it yourself, or by the staff at your office. With Doc Data, once you have completed their survey online or given them a call to determine your requirements, you are good to go.  They will provide you with a specially locked collection container.  All the unwanted documents and papers are placed into the secure container and their offices will arrange collection at your convenience.  All their trucks are monitored for added security.  Once your documents are destroyed using approved methods, they will be recycled and made into usable products.  It is a fact that 14 trees are saved for every ton paper recycled.  If you are interested in secure shredding services, contact Doc Data.

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