Office Shredding Service in Runcorn

Office Shredding Service in RuncornIt would be wise for your company to secure an office shredding service in Runcorn, especially since identity fraud represents about half of all recorded frauds.

There are many ways identity thieves can steal personal information. They go “dumpster diving” through the trash of both businesses and homeowners. Of course, computer hacking to get information has become common and dishonest employees may copy and sell personal data. Imagine hearing your company named on the national news as the source of a broad reaching identity theft crime. Not many businesses can survive such a breach of trust.

In Runcorn, an office-shredding service is one security measure that can protect the private information of your clients. You screen your employees carefully and invest in the latest technology to protect your computer information. That still leaves a lot of personal information floating around on paper tossed in trash bins and filed away in forgotten storage boxes. Doc Data can help you secure and safely destroy sensitive papers and old files. A consultation between you and a Doc Data representative will reveal the extent of security needed in your offices and warehouses. Locked collection bins are strategically placed throughout your facilities. All waste paper, unneeded documents, and files are placed in the secured bins where they stay until your scheduled pick-up by Doc Data trucks.

When you choose Doc Data as your office shredding service in Runcorn, you will have the most reputable disposal service available. Doc Data is affiliated with Elsa Recycling Group. Your documents go from the locked collection bins in your offices into Doc Data secured collection trucks where they are transported to the main Elsa Recycling centre for shredding. That facility is monitored 24 hours a day by surveillance cameras. The next time anyone sees one of the sensitive documents from your business, it will be a paper cup. All shredded documents and paper are recycled into usable paper products. Your company will be issued a Certificate of Destruction. Doc Data can shred in ten minutes more paper than your office shredder can handle in eight hours. They will also handle the clear out of your file storage area of old files that are past the saving date. Contact Doc Data for an office shredding service.

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