Office Recycling in Blackburn

Office Recycling in BlackburnDo you need assistance with office recycling in BlackburnThe amount of scrap paper that accumulates in a typical working day in the office can be huge.  The trick is to get rid of it in a responsible manner without just throwing it away in the trash bin.  There are constant reminders that recycling is necessary and vitally important in assisting in protecting our environment. Effectively destroying obsolete office documents in a way that protects personal information is a requirement of law, and having them destroyed in an environmentally responsible manner is as important. Having decided that being socially responsible is important, a recycling company should be contacted to assist with the implementation of this decision.

In Blackburn, office recycling is efficiently done by Doc Data. As a reputable company offering secure document data shredding services, they are regarded as the number 1 company to use.  Their services are designed to provide your office with an effective solution to remove and destroy any unwanted documents and paper.  They will conduct a complimentary data survey to determine what your information security needs are and the volume of paper that would need to be recycled. Once this is complete, Doc Data will supply and deliver secure lockers. All the recyclable documents and paper are then placed into these lockers.  After you have scheduled a collection date, they will collect the lockers, take them to their secure facility and the contents shredded. It is as easy as following these simple steps!  Not only will you have a disposal system in place for your office, you will also be doing your part in the world of recycling.

Office recycling in Blackburn is efficiently and professionally done by Doc Data.  Once the contents of your locker are destroyed, you will receive a certificate of destruction.  Doc Data provide containers suitable for your recycling needs.  If you have a small quantity of recycling to be collected, make use of the 15 kg security sacks, or, if you have a large load, flexible wheeled security bins that hold 60kg to 90Kg are available.  What is good to know is that the shredded, destroyed documents and papers are recycled into reusable paper products.  If you require more information about office recycling, contact Doc Data.

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