Need Help With Archive Clearance in Ashton Under Lyne?

Archive Clearance in Ashton Under LyneDo you need help with archive clearance in Ashton Under Lyne? Document & Data Shred are an expert document clearance company. If you need help with the destroying of confidential documents and paper, then you should contact this company. They are experts in this field and their services are top notch.

Ashton Under Lyne archive clearance with Document & Data Shred is easy! They have the appropriate vehicles that will ensure the safe transportation of the documents, as the company will provide special consoles which ensure that no one will have access to the documents to be destroyed under any circumstances. If your firm has digitalised and no longer has any use for the obsolete files and documents, it is important that they be professionally destroyed. This is to prevent any personal information such as the identification details of people and bank accounts from falling into the wrong hands. Identity theft is on the rise and it is vitally important that this information be safeguarded.

When you contact them regarding archive clearance in Ashton Under Lyne, Document & Data Shred will determine the information security through a complimentary data security survey. They will then deliver the lockers and any sensitive documents can be placed in the consoles which are collected and transferred to the destroying facility. The lockers are opened right before the papers are placed in the industrial shredder. The client will then receive a certificate stating that the papers have been securely destroyed. The shredded and destroyed documents are then recycled into a variety of different paper products. Confidential, secure and environmentally friendly archive clearance – an excellent choice! If you require more information about archive clearance, contact Document & Data Shred for your peace of mind.

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