Paper Shredding In Ashton Under Lyne

Paper Shredding in Ashton Under LyneAnyone can shred paper at home or the office but if you want secure paper shredding in Ashton under Lyne then you need the professionals at Document and Data Shred.We would like to think that we could trust everyone that steps into our offices. Maybe we can but to protect our customers from identity theft we need a secure system. Such a system will protect our company and employees from liability as well. Securely disposing of sensitive documents is a legal requirement to protect our clients. Failure to do so could result in unpleasantness from loss of business to large fines. Once destroyed, Document and Data Shred issues to you a certificate of destruction. That is helpful for your record keeping. Note documents sent for destruction and attach the certificate of destruction to the entry.

In Ashton under Lyne, paper shredding by Document and Data Shred meets all the highest standards for professionalism, security, reliability and convenience. Call them to come to your place of business to see your shredding needs, degree of needed security and frequency of pick up.The containers they leave in the office are locked. Once deposited into the locked container no one can access the documents. The uniformed representatives of Document and Data Shred retrieve the containers to transport them to their main location for shredding. That location has closed circuit T.V. and alarms as part of their security system. That is one more layer of protection for your documents.

Paper Shredding in Ashton under Lyne for many prominent businesses, large and small, means trusting Document and Data Shred. Their stellar reputation is associated with Elsa Recycling, the company that has been serving the recycling needs of the area for over 50 years. Document and Data Shred is a member of the British Security Industry Association and accredited with ISO 9001. All staff members are vetted to BS 7858. The company vehicles are well marked and monitored for their whereabouts. Because of the affiliation with Elsa Recycling, Document and Data Shred can put the massive amounts of shredded paper back into service. The product is recycled into other useful paper goods.

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