Waste Destruction in Trafford Park You Can Trust

Are you looking for a company that offers top notch waste destruction in Trafford Park? The last thing any business owner wants is to find out that sensitive information has fallen into the wrong hands. Ensuring that your sensitive information remains secure is very important to any business, and it is also the lawful requirement as part of the country’s data protection act. Document destruction professionals provide an important service for both small and large organisations. They collect and shred your business’ waste paper and secure paperwork from your company’s premises, providing a secure and environmentally friendly means of properly disposing of your business’ paperwork. When you work with a reputable waste and document destruction company like Document & Data Shred Ltd, you can avoid the hassles that come with leaving important documents un-shredded.

In Trafford Park, waste destruction services are offered by Document & Data Shred Ltd. This company has a secure shredding solution for small, medium-sized and large organisations. Document & Data Shred Ltd can also customise their service to your business. With its flexible data collection service, this company will destroy and dispose of your paper waste and document from its purpose constructed shredding facility – secure measure are taken to destroy sensitive data. As a matter of fact, this company has employed a state of the art system in its premises in order to ensure ultimate security in its facility. You will be issued a “Certificate of Destruction” upon completion of work – so, you can count on a job well done.

When it comes to waste destruction in Trafford Park, you will be happy to know that the process is very simple with the help of Document & Data Shred Ltd. First the company will determine your waste destruction needs, and works with you to come up with a service schedule which will meet your needs perfectly. As soon as this is determined, the process of waste destruction is done in 5 steps: Secure lockers are delivered to you; sensitive/waste documents are placed into the secure locked consoles; Document & Data Shred collects and destroys the documents; you are issued a “Certificate of Destruction” upon waste destruction; and lastly, the shredded documents are recycled. Easy waste destruction is only a phone call away!

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