You Need Document Shredding in Wilmslow!

Document Shredding  in WilmslowOne of the biggest reasons to want document shredding in Wilmslow is that there are a number of businesses who struggle to find a place to put all their old paper records even after their entire work has been shifted onto the online platform. One of the largest concerns businesses have these days is space – many documents are no longer needed and while they are stored online, there is still the problem of storing old files. It makes perfect sense to shred old documents, safely and conveniently. Shredding old documents is the safe and legal way to go, protecting your business, your clients and effectively destroying confidential information.

In Wilmslow, document shredding services that are safe and secure to ensure peace of mind as well as free up office space for other use, are most definitely needed. Doc Data is one such company. We are an established family business and we pride ourselves in providing an excellent secure destruction service. We can provide a shredding service best suited to your needs. We will collect your documents, at your convenience, and securely and destroy your documents in our specifically built shredding facility. And what’s more, your shredded documents will be recycled into a variety of consumable paper products, doing our bit for the environment

When it comes to document shredding in Wilmslow, we have the best quality shredding machines to better handle large paper-loads. Document shredding is completed by competent and able staff. We meet the new British Standard BS EN 15713, ensuring complete confidentiality. Finally, once the shredding process is complete you get a certificate of destruction from us stating that your documents are now safely disposed of. So if you are looking for a way to free up some space in your workplace or simply trying to get rid of old documents as your office moves into a new era of digital records, give us a call at Document and Data Shredding Limited.

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