Confidential Waste Disposal in Glossop

confidential waste disposal in GlossopHave you ever wondered if contracting with a company that provides confidential waste disposal in Glossop is safe? Place a personal document in the shredder yourself and watch it being cross cut into shreds and you will know for sure the information is safe. Busy offices that handle reams of documents containing personal information know that disposing of those documents one at a time by hand is not practical. However, it is incumbent upon business to implement a method to protect customer information. Document and Data Shred has the solution and the method. They are a nationwide company that meets British standards, accredited with ISO 9001and hold membership in the British Security Industry Association. Document and Data Shred is part of the well-known and respected Elsa Recycling Group backed by 54 years of experience.

In Glossop, confidential waste disposal by Document Data and Shred is the responsible solution for companies who require banking, credit card, location and medical information from their customers before they do business. The customer expects, and rightly so, that the company will be conscientious about protecting their private information. The British government holds your business accountable. Therefore, if you have not been taking that responsibility seriously you need to call Document Data and Shred let them show you how it is done and how the environment benefits. You will be saving many trees.

Confidential waste disposal in Glossop starts with the staff of Document and Data Shred determining the level of security you require and the quantity of documents requiring disposal. Document and Data Shred provides customized service that will fit your needs, large or small. Sealed containers placed in the work place will safely hold documents until a scheduled pick up. A regularly scheduled shredder truck with uniformed and vetted staff will arrive and the holding containers emptied directly into the shredder. Document Data and Shred gives you a certificate of destruction and the shredded paper is now ready to go to the recycler for the manufacture of new products. Your business can schedule a once a year, once a month or once a week pick up. The service is designed to fit your requirements. Call Document Data and Shred today.

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