Confidential Paper Shredding in Ashton Under Lyne

Confidential Paper Shredding in Ashton Under LyneOur electronic paperless society has created a need for confidential paper shredding in Ashton Under Lyne.  The way it has worked out, we have more paper than ever and a greater need to protect our private documents. There is no going back, so Document & Data Shred has come to the rescue. They are an environmentally responsible company and they can help your company become green as well. If your place of business is overflowing with paper and private documents are not being safely disposed of, you would benefit from the services of the Document & Data Shred Company. The truth is, the rate of identity theft is so high that companies owe it to their customers as well as themselves to secure their private data and dispose of it properly.

In Ashton Under Lyne confidential paper shredding is a task that can be outsourced to Document and Data Shred. Their representatives will meet with you and determine your security needs and the volume of documents.  They will then suggest a regular shredding schedule suited to you.  At the appointed time, the shredding vehicle arrives at your place of business and your secured documents go into the shredder. This method is safe and secure.  Your company will receive a certificate of destruction upon completion.  The process is clean, safe and simple. The shredded paper is then recycled and used to manufacture other useful paper products. Your company has now become environmentally responsible. Many trees will remain uncut.

Confidential paper shredding in Ashton Under Lyne is suitable for small or large projects.  Your company may be storing boxes of old but still sensitive documents on the premises or even in a storage facility. Document and Data Shred can easily handle such projects.  At the other extreme, a small concern does not have to waste time feeding private documents into an under desk shredder 3 sheets at a time. Often those documents have been unsecured waiting for someone to find time to shred them. The shredder fills quickly and emptying it creates a mess of paper bits and paper dust.  Document & Data Shred values your business and has a schedule suitable for your needs.

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