Why You Need Confidential Waste Disposal In Chester

Confidential Waste Disposal In ChesterSome people are of the idea that confidential waste disposal in Chester is not necessary. They are quite wrong in this regard.Individuals think that they can just tear private documents with their hands and dispose them anywhere. Companies also think that their office shredder is sufficient. However, this is not recommended nor is it an environmentally friendly way to get rid of your excess papers. On the other hand, there are some people who don’t know the difference between confidential and non-confidential documents. While confidential waste disposal is recommended for every document, it is crucial for documents that have your identity in whatever form or shape. The following documents makes top of the list for documents that should be disposed carefully: death certificates, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, loan documents, drivers licence, passport, ID copies, policy certificates, share certificates, wills, vehicle tiles, title deeds and mortgage documents.

In Chester, confidential waste disposal will ensure that no third party gets access to any of the documents above. Through document shredding the papers will the cut into small pieces that cannot be put back together again. This helps companies and individuals to protect themselves against identity theft and ensure that their private information remains confidential. Confidential waste disposal is also a requirement by the Data Protection Act 1998. The act encourages businesses and institutions to dispose documents in a way that will protect customers and the business against “fraud and other criminal acts”. Remember that criminals don’t need the whole document to use the information in it. A little piece of information they get from pages torn by hands can help them gather the information you never intended to reveal to anyone.

The advantage of confidential waste disposal in Chester is that the information is destroyed fast and efficiently before it can get into the hands of criminals. Document & Data Shred helps companies to protect their private information and the private information of their customers and investors by disposing their documents safely. They have been doing this for over fifty years and have positioned themselves as leaders in this field. Contact Document & Data Shred today with any queries you might have.

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